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Introduction: In the first episode of the game series Mercy, the player gets into the skin of Tom, he’s a 25 year old man. The action in the first episode takes place in 1940. The main character, kidnapped, has no idea where he is, and has to discover that. Soon, he will find that he is in a special part of Hell. The story centers around the conflict between Evil and Good and the player will have to repeatedly re-evaluate which side he is in the process of joining, while being put in impossible situations that make even the most powerful minds twist.

What this game is about: Have you ever been in a position in which you had to hard another person, just to gain something for yourself? What if you were asked to kill someone for 1 billion dollars, and be guaranteed that no one will ever know? Would you do it? The same situation will apply here. You’ll be asked to do certain things witch will affect you. Killing a certain person to get more power will help you temporarily, however, the next time you fight an army, you won’t find 100 enemies, but you’ll fight 500. That is just an example.

Aside from that, the game itself takes a look at how humanity keeps trying to destroy itself through wars and an entire array of weapons, wondering when the good becomes the evil.

Game Mechanics: The player will encounter many armies to fight with, but that mean he has to fight each enemy in turn. He has items and powers which will allow him to do massive damage to many enemies at the same time. Some of them are: rain of fire, thunderstrikes, fireballs, swarms of locusts, crows, etc.

One very important item in the game is the cross, which the player acquires at the very first level. As Mosses split the sea to walk, the same way the player will use the cross to split and blind masses of thousands of enemies. The game is not that arcade in style, but there won’d be combinations of keys just to get a desired effects.

One of the abilities will let the player rise high into the sky, and then drop to the ground like a comet, devastating tens and thousands of enemies at the same time. The above mentioned mechanics are still in development, and due to financial reasons and lack of animations, most of them are not even implemented yet, but many others will be listed here in the future.

If the demo and the episode are both funded, what happens with the investments that were made in the demo? If the demo and the episode get funded, then I will just start building  the episode continuing from the demo, so basically, nothing from the demo will be thrown away, everything will be used in the final episode

About Occulus VR support: I would love to add VR support, however, at the current moment its impossible for me to invest in a SDK kit.

What this is about: My name is Alexander Turda, and for the past months I have been working on a demo, for the first episode of the game series which I intend to start: “Mercy”. I’m creating this demo so I have something to show when I will start my campaign for gaining funds to make the entire first episode. Even though I managed to add most of the functionality needed for the demo, I only had access to models that I have found in Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 samples, or those that I just found on the web and were royalty free.

I have provided above, a couple of screenshots, and a trailer, from the current Demo, which I hope, will give you an idea about how the game will look and feel, of course, once I get what I need and implement that in the Demo, it will look a lot better, that is the point of this fund raising after all, but I do hope those screenshots give you a good glimpse into the Mercy universe.



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